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Teacher Challenge

The NCCS Teacher Challenge is a fundraiser created to see just how wacky our teachers can be!  Each teacher agrees to a crazy challenge and once their pledge goal is met, they will complete the challenge!  All challenges will be documented on Facebook for the world to see! 


Ms. Jo

For our GRAND FINALE, Ms. Jo is taking her love of NCCS to the next level! If she reached her goal of $300 she is getting INKED with an NCCS Penguin!  She has her new tattoo all picked out and ready to put on her shoulder.  Help her reach her goal to see the big reveal!



Ms. Seymour

Ms. Seymour is taking her love of books to the next level!   During virtual learning, Ms. Seymour dressed her dog up to be the book characters, but now it’s HER turn.  If she reaches her goal she has agreed to dress up like a different book character every day for a week.  Donate $15 or more and you can pick which character she dresses up like from her list of choices below.  

- Pippi Longstocking 

- The Mouse - "If You Give A Mouse A Cookie"

- Ms. Viola Swamp - "Miss Nelson is Missing" 

- Farmer Brown - "Click, Clack, Moo"

- Olivia - "Olivia the Pig" 

- Pig - The 3 Little Pigs 

- Elf - "The Littlest Christmas Elf" 

- Babushka - Patricia Polacco's Stories 

- Leprechaun - "The Luckiest Leprechaun"

- Piggie - Mo Willem's Books

- Cat - "The Cat in the Hat" 

- Pete - "Pete the Cat" 

- Emily Elizabeth - "Clifford the Big Red Dog"

- Girl - "A Bad Case of Stripes" 

- Charlotte - "Charlotte's Web"

- I will also take reasonable suggestions :)


Mr. Lynn

Are you ready for some football? Our resident STEELERS fan is going PURPLE for his challenge! Mr. Lynn has agreed to paint himself purple, put on a RAVENS jersey, and go out on the town! IF you want to go along with him and maybe talk him into a cheer or two, be the highest bidder!

Mrs. Alexander


Mrs. Alexander is completing her challenge in style! If you help her reach her goal of $100 she is going to be donning a different wig every day for a week!  Donate $15 and go into a drawing to get to pick the order of the wigs!



Mrs. Wright

You better watch out — You better not cry — You better not pout — I'm telling you why... Mrs. Wright is coming to town! 

We ALL know how much she loves Christmas! For her challenge, if she hits her goal of $100,  she is going caroling... in the SUMMER... to random houses! Donate $25, and she just might show up on your doorstep too!


Mrs. Poole

Mrs. Poole has agreed to a sweet treat! Pies are going to fly if Mrs. Poole reaches her $100 goal!  She has agreed to get a pie in the face every hour on the first day of school! Want to be the one to throw it? Donate $25 and the honor is all yours! 



Mr. Havighurst

Mr. H is puckering up for his big performance!  Get his donations to $100, and he will KISS A PIG! Want to see it in person? Donate $30 for a personal invite to the farm (there may even be a sweet treat in it for you!) Otherwise make sure you catch the live stream of the big kiss!


Mrs. Havighurst

Mrs. H is making a splash... with her clothes on! If she raises her goal of $100 she'll go into the pool WITH her clothes on. PLUS if you donate $20 or more you will be entered into a drawing to be able to PUSH her into the pool!


Mr. Will

UPDATE: Mr. Will met his goal in under 24 hours! Go check him out on TikTok!

Mr. Will has agreed to take over the (newly created) NCCS TikTok account for a week and fill it with fun! Make your donations below and don't forget to check out his dance moves!  


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You can follow us on TikTok by scanning the code.  Don't have a TikTok account?  Check us out on Facebook where we will also be sharing the videos! (@NCCSNation)





North Carroll Community School is a 501(c)(3) organization.  All donations are tax-deductible and will be processed through Give Lively.  A receipt will be emailed after donation and should be used for tax purposes.