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Early Elementary

          To keep up with their growing intellect and their ever-expanding curiosity, our learners in the early elementary grades are inspired by lessons designed to have them get their hands into learning and construct their own meaning by solving problems, working together, and deepening previous understandings.

          Early Elementary Learners continue their work in reading, writing, math, science, American history, and geography. They continue to be exposed to creative endeavors in art, music, physical education, technology, Spanish, world cultures while building and creating in our beautiful maker space.

          Additionally, all students develop sound character by lessons interwoven into each of our academic classes. Lessons in respect, responsibility, integrity, gratitude, kindness, humility, and balance help them mature into solid citizens.

A Day in the Life: The following are snippets from a typical day in an early elementary classroom:

9:15 am: In a morning math class, a small group of students play a math game designed to strengthen their understandings of conceptual division, while another small group works with the teacher at the smart board, discussing strategies for solving real-life math problems.

11:35 am: Lunch! Students cluster at small café tables to enjoy lunch and conversation with their classmates.

1:00 pm: In the STEM room, students research animal adaptations for a class project on how animals adapt in the wild. The results of the research will be turned into multimedia presentations to share with other students and teachers at the school.

2:10 pm: Outside on a beautiful, sunny day, classmates engage in a quick game of “ga-ga ball” to expend some energy and allow them to regain their focus for the remainder of the day.

2:30 pm: The class listens attentively to a picture book titled “George vs. George” which builds their understanding of the American Revolution.