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Middle School

Our middle school students are typically between 11 and 14 years old and are working on academic standards for grades six through eight. Middle school can be an exciting, yet uncertain time for students.  NCCS recognizes this, and our middle school curriculum is designed to foster positive interactions between peers and to foster a strong sense of self in our students.  Like their lower school counterparts, middle school students thrive on lessons that provide opportunities for social interaction and hands-on learning.  Our middle school students embrace added privileges such as lockers, personal chrome books, coffee bar time, and overnight travel.  Because their minds and bodies continue to grow, our middle students also receive unstructured recess time daily.  As they grow in their understanding and implementation of our school anchors, they are afforded the opportunity to mentor our younger students.


Due to the emphasis on independence and sense of self, thirteen years of graduates have proven that our students thrive and continue to grow in both large public and small private high schools.  A majority of our students keep in touch with us and their NCCS peers, and we’ve been excited to watch their journeys through high school, college, and beyond!