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          There is a huge debate in education today about the value of homework for students.  At NCCS, we believe that , as with most things, balance is key. Our students work hard at school each day, and our slightly longer academic day and less time spent in transitions allow us to accomplish much each day.  We also feel that extracurriculars, family time, and open ended play are important aspects of raising well-rounded children.

          That said, we believe that homework can help us to teach time management, responsibility, and organization.  Especially for our older students, we recognize the value of a few constructive, meaningful homework assignments each week.  Our Upper School students learn time management by completing unfinished classwork as homework. Often, these same students’ homework assignments will be assigned to be completed over several evenings.

          Our curriculum is our own, with consideration given to Maryland’s Career and College Ready Standards.  The implementation of our curriculum is designed to be multisensory and engaging, leading to better acquisition of knowledge, as well as better retention.  Concepts are reviewed and retaught as necessary with the goal of master in mind. Each day our students receive instruction in mathematics, science, literature, writing, and history/geography.

          Our "drop off window" runs from 8:00 am until 8:25 am.  School begins promptly at 8:30 am.  Students are dismissed at 3:15 pm.

          No, our students do not wear uniforms.  We do, however, have a dress code for the school.  We believe that school is a child's work and, therefore, we expect neat,clean, modest, dress, as well as attire that will allow for active learning and freedom of movement.  The dress code is outlined in detail in our family handbook.

For the most part, students bring packed lunches to school.  On Mondays, students have the option of ordering from a limited Chick-Fil-A menu,  On Wednesdays, students have the option of ordering from a limited Subway menu.  On Fridays, we have "Pizza Day," and pizza-by-the-slice is available from a local restaurant.