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Late Elementary

Our late elementary learners display growing independence and are eager to use higher-level thinking skills to explore new concepts and ideas about the world around them.  Just like our younger students, they enjoy getting their hands into the business of learning through practicing, creating, and constructing new meaning.

In late elementary, our students continue their studies in literature, writing, math, science, geography, and American history.  They enjoy making connections between disciplines by combining their learning across several subjects.  Like their younger counterparts, they enjoy dabbling in art, music, physical education, Spanish, technology, and world cultures.  

Students solidify their understanding of our seven anchors and are able to translate actions into these traits.  Lessons in our anchors continue to be woven through the curriculum.

A Day in the Life:  The following are snippets from a typical day in a late elementary classroom:

9:20 am:  A small group of students gathers with the teacher to discuss their latest reading in the novel, Hatchet. Other small groups of students read independently in novels or other materials of their choosing. 


11:10 am:  A group of students organizes a “pick-up” game of soccer on the school’s “lower field,” a regulation-sized soccer field.


12:30 pm: Students participate in a geology lesson that involves making edible sedimentary rocks using a variety of ingredients.


2:44 pm: The room is abuzz as the children create “coffee ground play dough” replicas of the stone statues on Easter Island as part of a geography project.