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There were many obstacles that led up to the school that we have today, but we stayed true to our mission to teach the whole child: a young, impressionable human being who was never designed to sit still for long periods of time but was created to explore the world with wide eyes and a sense of wonder. It’s no accident that recently the New York Times published an article that said, “Play is a universal, cross-cultural and necessary attribute of childhood, essential for development and essential for learning.” It goes on to quote Dr. Tamis-LeMonda as saying, “I don’t like it when scientists think children are playing only when they sit down with some toys. Almost all learning that goes on in the first years of life is in the context of exploration of the environment.”** 

That is the environment that we aspire to create at NCCS, an environment that figures out how children learn, and then offers a variety of interesting ways to acquire knowledge. And, just as important, an environment that attempts to teach them to be respectful human beings who are kind to each other and the world around them. An article published by Forbes states that “...95% of employers are looking for candidates whose skills translate into out-of-the-box thinking and innovation...”*** These are skills that we believe are taught through hands-on learning and time spent in our Makerspace or out in the world doing community service, not through taking standardized tests or regurgitating facts. 

We believe all children should have access to quality educational programs, and that all children have the right to an education that meets their needs, regardless of their socioeconomic background. With that in mind, we want to do everything in our power to reach as many children as we can, but we need your help. North Carroll Community School is so excited to announce that our Annual “All In” Campaign is now the “All In Scholarship Fund." NCCS was founded as a community school and, as such, we believe that together with current families, staff, alumni, and the community, we can reach even more children. We are asking that you will consider this as an investment, not a handout. Think of it as a chance to impact a child that one day might be your doctor, or electrician, or a future hire at your company. We promise to do everything in our power to mold adults that remain curious about the world and have the soft skills and compassion to not only impact the job market but the people around them. Won’t you consider making an investment in a child’s future? 


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