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Multiage Classrooms

At NCCS, we believe that no two children develop in the same way on the same timeline.  For that reason, we employ multiage classrooms.  Each child’s strengths, challenges, academic and developmental readiness are considered in order to find the best classroom fit.  Our main goal is to teach children at the best level for each one.  Multiage classrooms allow us to do just that!

In the multiage classroom, students work together as a community of learners.  Each child’s learning rate and style are honored, as well as supported.  Within the classroom, the teacher is able to guide a student’s growth from year to year, supporting each child’s natural learning rate with the gift of time.  Without labels, retention, and concrete grade levels, children are free to learn at their own pace and to take risks that include learning from mistakes.  Younger students in the group benefit from collaborating with older children who model more sophisticated approaches to learning.  And older children benefit from modeling teachers in their roles as mentors to younger children.  Therefore, children look at each other and not just to the teacher for learning opportunities.