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Seven Anchors

Our Seven Anchors are woven through everything we do!  Both in and out of the classroom, the anchors are at the core of our teaching and learning.  With our entire school community embracing these principles, time for learning is enhanced, behavior problems are minimized, and our school becomes a joyful place to be! 


There are seven “anchors,” or principles that guide our students and staff in school and in life. 
  • Respect - Look people in the eyes; Listen without interrupting; Look for solutions to problems

  • Responsibility - Plan ahead and set goals; Take care of belongings; Complete work without reminders

  • Integrity - Choose your attitudes and actions; Do the right thing -- even when no one is looking.

  • Gratitude - Say “please” and “thank you;” Do not waste things; Be thankful for what you have

  • Kindness - Share; Do things that make a difference; Get along with others; Listen to others’ ideas

  • Humility - Be humble; Don’t always try to be in charge; Value the ideas and opinions of others

  • Balance - Exercise, eat right and get enough sleep; Spend time with family and friends; Learn in lots of ways and places -- not just at school