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Early Middle

The transition to middle school is an exciting time for our students!  They have reached some long-awaited milestones such as one-to-one technology and outdoor education experiences.  They love to question, debate, and explore new information and ideas.


In addition to their regular studies in mathematics, science, literature, writing, American history, and geography, Middle students begin to hone their skills in public speaking and add to their foundational skills with American government.


At this point, early middle school students begin to learn mentoring skills that help them serve as mentors to younger students, helping them to learn and internalize the school anchors.

A Day in the Life: The following snippets are from a typical day in an early middle classroom:

8:45 am: Students listen quietly to an audio recording in order to practice mindfulness techniques during a classroom morning meeting.


9:25 am:  Students cluster in groups of two and three to formulate a response for this statement: “The answer is -6.  What is the question?”


12:15 pm: Students examine primary source documents to broaden their understanding of the Civil War, making a connection between history and literature.


3:30 pm:  The coffee bar is humming with students readying themselves for a bowling trip -- one of the “rec night”  after-school activities that have been planned in order to nurture social bonds among students.