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Late Middle

          Having grown into more reflective and social beings, our late middle school students thrive on activities that allow collaborative work, choice in assignments, and use of technology. They are eager to examine topics that are relevant to them and to voice their opinions on a variety of ideas.

          Our late middle school students continue their studies in Reading, Writing, Math, Science, American History, and Geography. They also spend time developing skills in art, music, physical education, technology, Spanish, and Public Speaking/Debate. They also spend time problem-solving in our beautiful maker space.

A Day in the Life: The following are snippets from a typical day in a late middle school classroom:

8:10 am: After arriving for the day, upper school students gather in the coffee bar for a cup of hot chocolate, a game of foosball, and animated conversations to begin their day.

8:50 am: Upper School students encourage younger students and facilitate discussions on a STEM challenge, in their role as mentors.

10:20 am: In math class, several small groups of students work through solving equations, while another small group works with the teacher to solve proportions.

11:35 am: Some students play a game of pick-up soccer, while others use the time to walk and socialize, as they enjoy a mid-day recess.

1:45 pm: Using their Chrome Books, students read a current events newspaper article online, while practicing learned skills in how to navigate informational reading.